Friday, 20 April 2007

Random projects

I bought an embroidery kit from sublime stitching. I wanted to try it out. I did this kitty cat in green. This is a slip stitch, I think! I can't keep track of the names of stitches. I'm just glad if I know how to do them.
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My sister wanted to learn too, so I let her do a few. This one is in blue:

This is a kitchen cloth with two strips of aida which we have been using for our embroidery. I see now that aida isn't the best fabric for this sort of embroidery - it has those holes, which don't help much unless you're cross-stitching. But it's an experiment, I suppose.

Cross-stitching has been kept to a bare minimum. I'm making this pouch for a friend who is pregnant. They're staying in our house in Azeitão. Still not sure if it's a girl or a boy. They think/hope it's a girl. So I picked this pattern which seems gender-free.

I haven't cross-stitched in a while, but I need to. I have three projects started - two small, one largish; I'd like to finish the two small ones in the near future, if it's at all possible!

The other day, I was in one of the many cheep chinese stores you can find anywhere in Portugal. They had something I was dying to buy: suction cups! They're actually hooks with suction cups attached so you can fix them to the tiles of your kitchen or bathroom. But these ones in particular are great, because the hooks are removable.

I bought one packet of eight last week and have since bought two more packets. Just because I want to have as much as possible in case of an emergency! So, if you need a dozen suction cups in a hurry, call me!

Anyway, one went to attach my pig to the rear window of my car. My car now has three pigs!
And I've used two more. One is for a friend. I made this cute cat, inspired by one I saw in a store somewhere and would have cost me about 10 euros. I thought "I could make that!" And so here it is:

Please don't say it looks like an owl! It's a cat! He has a tail and whiskers!

Fixed to our mirror:

I also had a few crocheted flowers hanging around. I made a couple more and sewed on some beads and crocheted leaves, joined them together. I was sort of experimenting and thinking how nice it would look on my uncle's gravestone. Not sure if I'll actually make one for him or if it's too corny...

Fixed to the window:

How about a baby blue Mickey Mouse? I made one! One ear is a little bigger than the other, though! Oh well.

I also made a small pouch. I was putting everything into the one my sister "made" for my birthday last year. It was holding wools and finished objects and the suction cups... It was overflowing with stuff! Finally, I thought it better to get another pouch for FO's and such, and leave the original for wools only. So it came out like this:

The red border was discarded fabric from the cherry bag. The blue flowery one is super cute! I bought it at the same place as the red with white polka dots. And I'm going back there, of course!

As I had time on my hands, I made a second one for my sister. It is holding her crochet at the moment. (Note that her ribbon is red. Although you can't see it in the photo above, mine has a white ribbon. Again, odds and ends I had lying around)

And so, the other pouch is for wools only:

That bright orange just doesn't seem to want to go away! I love it!
And I'm using rubber bands to hold each ball of wool. The stray ends were getting on my nerves.

Oh, the contents of the new bag:

It's full of flowers, leaves, crocheted hoops... whatever I made and doesn't have a proper home yet!

These are a few projects:

A felt apple. I saw something like this on Etsy. Better made, and smaller. But I had to have one for myself. The crocheted pieces are one apple, two oranges and a lemon. They're really tiny and are hell to amke, but cute. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet, though. I have this idea of a Carmen Miranda doll. Or I could make an origami bowl to place the fruit in. Or earrings? Not sure...

And that's it. I'll post when I have more.

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Xuva de Sensacões said...

Olá Melanie,

Fazes trabalhos muito giros. Deves dar mais importâcia a esta veia artesanal...

Adorei os elefantes do babete. Tens o esquema?