Thursday, 25 December 2014

Xmas crafts

Xmas has come and is nearly out the door! My crafts were mainly towards small gifts for family and friends. I made a few garlands, two cat toys and a small tote for my sister. Didn't take any photos because they were very simple presents... I would rather show off a detail of my hexagon blanket (above) which I am loving making, although it is taking forever to get to a size that is in any way acceptable. And my origami (below), just because. It's one of those crafts I can pick up at any time and just mindlessly fiddle with. I have made so many of these cranes - I thread them together and leave them in a window at work. This is the only one that I've kept. For now! I may give it to someone along the way. The paper was a paper bag from a tin can store. I love just picking any old paper and making these simple cranes.

In other news - the start of 2015 will be marked by 4 quilts. I have 4 babies coming in the first half of the year that all need cute quilts or blankets. The first is a little girl in February. Then a set of twins, boy and girl, in March. And finally a baby boy in May. The twins' mother has already asked for a set of quilts for her kids and I am all too happy to oblige. I made a crochet blanket for her first boy, but I am thinking fabric quilts for all these kids to come... It's just quicker...


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